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Business Zone Aviation services and history

Established in the region of Saudi Arabia, the company has been serving its clients for more than a decade. The aim and purpose involved in forming the company has always evolved around providing better logistic solutions in managing with the components concerning aerospace industry.

No matter which part of the world you belong to, the services provided aim at the satisfaction of the clients with appropriate components of their requirement.

BZA has been handling its broad customer base by finding solutions for.

  • Spare part stockists

  • MRO's

  • Leading airlines and even

  • Repairing vendors

We are committed in providing the services through specialists handling critical parts and scenarios, concerning aircraft engine to the components which needs fixing on urgent and dire basis.

The BZA Difference

  • Faster pick ups

  • Better connections

  • Speedy clearance processes

  • Dedicated team effort

All within your grasp.

For more than 10 years, BZA Aviation Services has leveraged cutting-edge technologies, built collaborative partnerships and placed an unwavering focus on quality, in order to provide you -our customer - with smarter choices to ensure that your transportation and logistics needs are met.

By synchronizing every piece of the AOG process, our suite of specialized services provides peace of mind and empowers you to serve your customers with greater speed, safety and efficiency.

grayscale photo of plane
grayscale photo of plane

The AOG logistic services are provided keeping commercial and private air carriers in mind for all the clients and vendors settled all around the world to serve them with quality. Our aim is to provide more than just dispatching the shipment on the first flight available. This includes:

  • Intelligent Routing

  • Immediate response

  • Placing shipment

This is all done to provide the clients with more than they expect when they are in need of critical parts and on immediate basis.


With Business Zone Aviation AOG component ensures that clients get to receive the parts instantly to/from anywhere around the world. The company does not restrict the services to day or night, holiday and even weekend.

  • You will find the solutions divided into service levels.

  • Routing

  • Delivery timing

  • Handling procedures and Pricing

The highly qualified staff meets the requirements of the shipment, building connection with vast overseas network to make sure that all the priority cargo move in the best possible way.


Clients rely on BZA for delivering the unmatched level of customer service and handling of other requirements in best way possible. Different clients has their own requirements of the articles and shipment timing concerns, this is something critically looked into.

24/7 Availability

Priority tracking of special consignment is provided anytime. The shipment can be easily positioned through shipment number or any other relevant document number required by the focal point for quick tracing.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions
  • Classified Cargo

  • Emergency AOG Shipments

  • Return Shipment

  • Engine Transportation

Value Added Services
  • 24/7 Customer Service

  • Government Expertise

  • Packing

  • Custom Compliance

Expedited Ground Transport
  • Exclusive-Use Vehicles

  • 100% Air Ride

  • Packing

  • Dangerous Goods